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High Quality Care & Services

TLC is proud of the high quality of care & services we provide to each resident & their family. Our goal is to go above & beyond the minimum required standards that most memory care facilities provide. Our Owner-Administrator is personally involved in the day-to-day care & services provided.  Having a highly experienced, educated, Owner- Administrator, who lives on-site and is easily accessible, helps families feel confident their loved one is well taken care of.


Taking medications on a schedule, routinely, timely and correctly is critical.


Activities need to spark interests and meet function levels and ability.


Exercise circle gives an opportunity for residents to connect and interact at their ability level.


At TLC, we celebrate holidays, silly or major, just to have fun.


TLC Costa Brava is owned & operated by Dora Valentin where she lives with her family.

Our Included Services

  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Awake Caregiver at Night
  • Medication Management
  • Housekeeping & Laundry
  • Home Cooked, Nutritious Meals & Snacks
  • Group Activities & Outings
  • Creative Activities
  • Transportation to MD Appointments
  • Hospital Visitor Program
  • Dementia & Alzheimer Care
  • Hospice Care (if & when needed)
  • Live in, Owner-Administrator

Medication Management

Having well-trained medication technicians to administer medications, monitor the effectiveness of any medication given & effectively report that information back to the residents’ doctor & family is extremely important when trying to provide the best care for those with or without Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

With or without Memory Loss all elders benefit from medication support and administration.

Observing and reporting on the effectiveness of these medications as yet another level of attention.

All of our caregivers are cross trained to administer medications.

TLC utilizes a digital tool (eMAR) to completely eliminate mistakes that could occur in this process!

Creative Activities

TLC understands the importance of providing a variety of activities for residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s to stimulate the brain and provide meaningful interactions and socialization with them. We aim to get residents involved in activities that spark their interest and meet their function level and ability.

Our well-trained staff has the skill and experience to properly interact & redirect to achieve the best outcome from the activity.


Most residents enjoy our variety of scheduled daily activities; like bingo, cards dominos, etc., arts & crafts, karaoke, WII bowling & our daily exercise program.


In addition, we incorporate other Behavioral Therapies or activities like music therapy, pet therapy, art therapy, gardening, walking or other physical activities based on the residents’ needs and abilities.

Daily Exercise Program

At TLC our Daily Exercise Program is a highlight of the day that residents really enjoy. In addition to providing movement and range of motion our exercise circle gives an opportunity for residents to connect and interact at whatever level they are able.

Some residents thoroughly enjoy the “exercise” part of the activity and increase the difficulty level with weights, exercise bands, or stationary bikes, while others enjoy the invigoration from the Balloon Toss.

The sing-along also adds another dynamic and layer to the overall activity.

In addition to the Daily group exercise program, we are able to implement individualized exercise plans for residents. Our staff is able to help residents with individualized exercise plans throughout the day, like a walking program, sit to stand exercises, range of motion and assist with other exercises recommended by a home PT or OT.

Outings and Events

TLC provides outings for residents (as COVID-restrictions allow) who are functional enough to go on an outing. Whether to a movie, the Bellagio Garden, Ethel M’s, or to park we believe these outings help keep residents active & involved in life. We also have volunteers and entertainers who come to our facility to help provide enrichment to our resident’s lives.

Supervised Safety

Our outings are accompanied by our highly trained staff who know the needs & abilities of each resident which helps facilitate and manage the outing, so residents get the maximum benefit and enjoyment.

Join Along

Family members & friends are encouraged to come along for the fun if they choose.
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