Pets are Great Dementia Therapy

Pet therapy. Listen for the pet sounds of love as Dementia Therapy.

Meow, Purr

Bark, Tail Wag

Smiles Follow!

If you choose to stay home be sure to have pet therapy and you will smile more. Many people stay at home even when they need more help to be with their pets. Pets are great therapy. Finding a care home that offers companionship with other residents, staff and pet therapy is even better.

Companionship with staff, residents and pets!

Seniors with Dementia often benefit from interaction with living things. The caregivers and other residents in the home are therapy.  While many people think they want to be “at home” with a 1-1 caregiver that can be an isolating choice.  If instead you choose a Residential Care Home community you have the help you need including two caregivers if any when needed that you don’t have at home with 1-1 care.  You also get the emotional connectedness from being with others in a family like setting.  If you can also get visits from our Furry Friends (Cats or Dogs) you are in your best position to smile and be emotionally connected.