Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Specialists

Focusing on the “Art of Caring”

At TLC, Costa Brava, Dora Valentin, the administrator and Owner provides hands on care with a focus on building & maintaining long lasting relationships with our staff, residents and their families which helps improve Continuity & Quality of Care. The level of care and attention is dramatically improved because she lives on site and makes herself easily available which has a positive impact on residents, staff and families.

Your Support Team

Why Choose TLC?

We believe that quality care depends largely on the positive personal relationships among caregivers, residents, families, administrators, and the whole team. We are a small and personal, home setting with only 10 residents enabling residents to flourish & receive the right amount of attention they need.

Our Owner

Owned & operated by a licensed Residential facility Administrator (RFA) Dora Valentin. Dora lives in the facility with her own family – provides high level of oversight and an enormous benefit to residents, families & staff.  Living on site goes a long way toward developing trust & building relationships.

Caring Staff

Our staff is well trained in Memory & Senior Care issues & are extremely compassionate & caring. Additionally, we have a high staff to resident ratio, which allows our caregivers the time it takes to provide both the physical and emotional care needs.
Behavioral Therapy for

Alzheimer's & Dementia

Most professionals agree the preferred treatment for Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Memory Care issues is Behavioral Therapy.

  • Effective Behavioral Therapy requires a lot of time, skill & continuity of care.
  • It is often difficult to understand that if you are dealing with a person who has irrational ideas or is resistant to care, that we should not challenge them.
  • Most effective Behavioral Therapy is having a consistent, well trained staff who can effectively communicate.
  • Some may benefit from a combination of Medication & Behavioral Therapy, when prescribed by their doctor.
Best Value for

Dementia Care

TLC Memory Care offers great value when you consider all the included and in-kind services provided.

  • Live-in Owner/Administrator
  • Our high staff ratio
  • Well-trained, caring, compassionate staff
  • Essential Oils in use
  • Organic, home grown leafy greens and herbs
  • Daily activities, Monthly theme parties and events
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