Adult Day Care

What is Adult Day Care?

Adult Day Care can supplement care for 4- 8hrs a day at a cost of $75- $100 per day or $2,000 per month. Adult day care (ADC), provides seniors and persons with Alzheimer’s the best supervision and care in a structured setting during daytime hours, allowing their primary caregivers to work or take a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

Adult Social Day Care

Offers basic health services, meals and activities.

Adult Day Health Care (ADHC)

Provides intensive health services for individuals.

Care Types

There are two primary types of adult day health care programs.  Adult social day care offers basic health services, meals and activities while adult day health care (ADHC) provides intensive health services for individuals that might otherwise need to reside in a skilled nursing community. Some centers offer both types of care and there some centers that specialize in Alzheimer’s or dementia care, referred to as Alzheimer’s Day Care.  Many centers provide transportation to and from the center.