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A Family Passion

TLC is owned & operated by Dora Valentin where she lives with her family. Dora has worked closely with Dr. McGivney, the founder & pioneer of TLC on many senior advocacy projects and legislative agendas over the years. Dora & Dr. McGivney have worked well together because of their shared passion and vision for senior care issues and rights. Dora is grateful for the many opportunities she has had over the years to work with and learn from Dr McGivney in his role as a Medical Doctor and Advisor and looks forward to continuing to work with Dr. McGivney in the future.


Dora Valentin, RFA

Dora Valentin is a licensed, Residential Facility Administrator (RFA) in Nevada and holds a M.Ed (masters in education) and a BS in Marketing.  Dora has also written and published a book called The Journey of Senior Housing as a guide to help people through the confusion associated with senior housing and senior care. Along with this advance training comes a decade of hands-on leadership and experience in the Senior Care Industry. That includes clinical and communication experiences covering the full gamut of situations.  In her associated company Adult Care Connections, she helps other facilities with staff training, legal and legislative initiatives, licensing and much more.

Dr Shawn McGivney, Geriatrics MD, RFA

Shawn is an Internist and Geriatrician with more than 20 years of experience. He has worked in most senior care settings: private office, hospital, nursing home, inpatient rehab, & home care. Currently he does home visits for the frailest seniors with special Memory Care needs. In addition to his medical skills, he is a BELTCA certified Administrator & serves as the Medical Advisor to Dora.

Strong Values and Ethics

Health care has become disjointed & overspecialized. It seems this new system offers little continuity of care and is lacking in good old-fashioned values and ethics. Seeing a different doctor, nurse, or caregiver each time is frustrating & confusing. It decreases the effectiveness of care & health outcomes.

Communication between patients, families & health care providers has seemingly disappeared. I have experienced the frustrations of the health care system, not only professionally, interacting with patients, families & providers, but also personally, caring for parents & residents during their illnesses. Even with my long term care experience, it can be difficult to navigate the health system.

I understand how difficult it is to be a caregiver. My experiences, as a direct caregiver, owning & managing care homes has deepened my commitment and values to providing high quality senior care.  All of my experiences have led me on the path to TLC. A place where my staff and I can provide a happy, safe, loving, family-like environment for our residents & their families.

Helping Seniors and Families Create a Housing Roadmap

By Dora valentin and Max Keller


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Journey into Senior Housing

Step By Step Guide To Choosing The Right Option For Your Family