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Slow the progression of memory loss

Dealing with Dementia/Alzheimer's is hard

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We understand how hard it can be to watch someone you love slowly forget everything they ever knew which is why families have chosen our award-winning community.

  • Don’t know how to communicate with your loved one anymore?
  • Exhausted from emotional confrontations with your loved one?
  • Tired of losing sleep at night worrying if your loved one will hurt themselves?
  • Losing focus during the day, worrying that your loved one will get lost while you’re at work?
  • Worried about COVID lock downs at larger communities?
  • Does it seem like things are just getting worse no matter how hard you try to do it all yourself?

TLC & Dora Valentin has helped hundreds of families just like yours!


We administer physician ordered medications, while also seeking natural therapies that help slow the progression of memory loss, such as diffusing essential oils in the home.


Our residents living together with varying needs and abilities creates opportunities to socialize as well as contribute to the home and our community – is critical.


Because we’re a smaller community, our residents can stick with a schedule that THEY prefer, rather than a schedule dictated by shift changes.

Let us handle the hard days so you can enjoy more of the good ones.

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    Join us for an in-home visit and meet our team, as well as our residents, and see what life is really like at TLC.

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    We’ve helped many families make this transition, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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    Feels like a happy home, not a hotel or institution

    Home Sweet Home

    Stop fighting a daily losing battle trying to do it all yourself and enjoy more special moments together as a family again.

    Words from our clients to ease your worry

    Client’s Testimonials

    Families like yours deserve to spend their final years enjoying every moment together rather than surviving another day of emotional outbursts and fits of panic. And while sharing memories can be difficult for some, we believe in helping our residents and their families continue to share emotions with one another.

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    The problem is you swore you’d never put your loved one in a big “nursing home,” but you don’t know where else to turn, who you can trust, or what other options are available. The decisions ahead just leave you feeling more anxious with every passing day.


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